Discover Saporous Indian Flavours blend with fine hospitality

Ethnically designed vegetarian restaurant showcasing the richness of Indian cuisine is what makes Chowki the most globally sought after location for most of the traveller visiting Jammu. With a variety of culinary flavours wrapped together specially to overtake your taste bud stipulations is a treat.

The main focus of Chowki is not only to serve vegetarian feast but also to identify our cultural heritage,the painting or the artifacts defines our artistic diversification.
Each and every section of Chowki will give you a feeling of positivity with royalty.

The Hotel is dedicated to conscious living, healthy eating and strives to create a tasty, natural global cuisine therefore we use the freshest locally grown produce, organic and the best of natural ingredients.

Enter the heart of 17 miles, a vegetarian haven where we sincerely hope your meal will not only satisfy your taste buds, but also nourish your soul.