Cilantro Glass House

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Cilantro Glass House

Feel the magic on your platter with Panoramic views from glass window.

Nature enriches our thought process, but due to monotonous work pressure from different fields of life we captivate ourselves inside four walls of concrete giving our soul a gift of lifetime imprisonment without any fault. Keeping this in mind,Cilantro Glass House was conceptualized, the sole purpose of a glass house is to rejuvenate our guests and to provide them space,where they can feel the sparkling nature.

Cilantro Glass House not only gives you a pleasure of eating some of the most happening cuisines but also provide an opportunity to sit back and enjoy the view outside ,from the glass window.

Due to aromatic food culture, mind-blowing interiors and extra ordinary glass walls this place is a perfect travel destination for relaxation. Viewing the surrounding area, chit chatting, energizing your soul is the specialty of the place.
This place is iconic because of its innovative use of materials and its seamless integration into the landscape. Although there is a wall at one side but rest three sides are made up of Glass which increases its supremacy.
The Cilantro Glass House can be privately used for meeting and small conferences.