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Outdoor Restaurant

Enjoy a Mug of coffee with lively scenic view

Some of the hardest discussion can be solved with a cup of coffee!!

Coffee is also known to be the most hunted beverage after tea in India, therefore, the idea behind drive-in café was to create a peaceful and lively space where people can freely enjoy and rejuvenate themselves with different flavours of juices and aromatic coffees on their desk.

Due to highway connection, Hotel 17Miles- drive in café is a perfect choice for energizing after a hard drive.The drive-thru option gives an opportunity to the local passerby to enjoy their sip of delicacy forgetting the vivacious circle which is followed just for ordering some easy beverages in any restaurant. Therefore due to the quick service option of a drive-thru, it is very much in for fast upfront services.

Not only coffee but you can enjoy some of the best on the spot prepared fresh cakes, pastries and caramelized mouth watering dishes here.

Special live counters serving tangy chaats and great snacks gives this place an aesthetic environment of taste togetherness.