10D Dark Ride Adventure

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10D Dark Ride Adventure

10D Dark Ride Adventure is one of the awesome attraction at Hotel 17 Miles. This theater is an advanced setup conceptualized to give real time entertainment to the viewers. 10D is a blend of different Special Effects and specific technologies. It gives tactical sensations to the viewer.

In 10D Dark Ride Adventure we experience many new different kind of fresh features like Neck Bursts, flickering, vibrations, aroma, lightening, snow, water spraying, wind blowing, bubbles, smoke, leg sweeping and many other funny effects.

While watching 10D Dark Ride Adventure, a chair moves, vibrates, creates effects of rain, wind, tickling (as though on feet an insect is creeping) etc. In hall there is a Engine which creates special effects like fog, smell and other effects. Besides this, screen size is also different from the standard rectangular size screen for the viewer. Therefore, when a viewer watches 10D Dark Ride Adventure, he or she completely dips into its atmosphere and becomes as if direct spectator of ongoing action on 10D screens. It is difficult to describe 10D pictures as it accompanies the storm of emotions and adrenaline emissions. It is certainly an interesting attraction for the cinema-goers to watch and enjoy it the most.

The invention of 10D Dark Ride Adventure allowed us to plunge into the world of virtual reality.You become totally involved in what is happening on the screen and feel movements, rays of sun, wind blowing, and humid air of the ocean breeze.